Digital Supply Chain

Get customer-centric products to market faster and at less cost with smart production technology from SAP.

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Product lifecycle management

Product design, engineering, development, and costing

Product profitability analysis

Project portfolio management

Innovation management and collaboration


Accelerate research and development with streamlined processes and innovative technologies.

Supply Chain Planning

Increase market-driven agility by enabling an intelligent supply chain and collaborative planning.

Supply chain management and collaboration

Integrated business planning

Inventory optimisation

Supply chain visibility

Predictive analytics and machine learning

Integrated manufacturing execution system

Production planning, management, and optimisation

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions

Real-time IIoT and manufacturing analytics

Product quality management and compliance

Digital Manufacturing

Enable the smart factory by intelligently integrating production processes with the enterprise.

Supply Chain Logistics

Improve the speed, efficiency, and sustainability of your logistics and fulfilment processes.

Warehouse management

Transportation management

Order promising

Yard logistics

Logistics network and track and trace

Maintenance and service management

Asset network and collaboration

Asset strategy and performance

Asset health prediction and optimisation

Mobile asset management

Asset Management

Manage the lifecycle of your physical assets while driving smarter decisions and improving reliability.

The physical asset and the digital twin

Benefit from a full digital representation of connected assets along their lifecycle

Digital twin technologies

Find out how digital twins synchronise the virtual, physical, conditional, and commercial definitions of assets and products in real time to help you accelerate innovation, optimise operating performance conditions, and predict service requirements.

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